Veterinarian, innovator & speaker

Dr. Aaron Smiley is a practicing veterinarian, speaker and telemedicine expert.

Veterinarian, innovator & speaker

Dr. Aaron Smiley is a practicing veterinarian, speaker and telemedicine expert.
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Meet Dr. Aaron Smiley

Dr. Smiley has a unique skill of discovering the intersection of the theoretical and the practical.  He discovered how asynchronous telemedicine can be offered and monetized. Before Dr. Smiley’s understanding of the asynchronous workflow, veterinarians had to choose to either spend their time offering in-person medicine or telemedicine. Now they can do both. This has increased clinical efficiencies, work freedom and more access to veterinary care.

Technology makes it possible. We make it sustainable

Dr. Smiley is a leading telemedicine educator.  He taught a telemedicine course through the University of Illinois iLearning Center.  It was one of the first courses offered through a veterinary college that described the implementation of paid telemedicine into practice. Yet his speaking is not limited to the classroom; Dr. Smiley regularly lectures to practitioners across the country at state and national meetings and has been sponsored by industry leaders including GuardianVets, Elanco and Zoetis.

Veterinary Technology

Veterinary speaking engagements

Dr. Smiley is a dynamic public speaker who provides real-world, practical guidance to veterinary professionals seeking to incorporate telehealth into their practice. From legal aspects, to use cases, audiences come away with a deep understanding of telehealth and a desire to begin implementing it.

Veterinary Telemedicine

Dr. Smiley is an experienced practitioner providing veterinary telehealth for his clients and patients. He has successfully supplemented his brick-and-mortar practice with a growing virtual care practice that has improved client loyalty, while generating new revenue for his practice.

Veterinary Telemedicine

Kind words from others

"I know firsthand that being accessible to clients at all hours to answer questions is one of the quickest ways to convert customers into enthusiastic advocates for the practice"

Aaron Smiley Review
Dr. Smiley writes in American Veterinarian.

You were AMAZING!! I absolutely loved the presentation and I personally don't have any criticism. I thought it was super engaging and contained really useful information for everyone.

Aaron Smiley Review
Jenna Acutt - UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

His enthusiasm about veterinary medicine contagious and the concepts he teaches I believe are essential to know and practice. My time and knowledge has worth and should not be given away for free.

Garrett M

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