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Dr. Smiley is a leading telemedicine educator.  He taught a telemedicine course through the University of Illinois iLearning Center. It was one of the first courses offered through a veterinary college that described the implementation of paid telemedicine into practice.  His speaking is not limited to the classroom. Dr. Smiley regularly lectures to practitioners across the country at state and national meetings and has been sponsored by industry leaders including GuardianVets, Elanco and Zoetis.

About Dr Aaron Smiley
Dr Aaron Smiley's Story

Aaron's story

Dr. Smiley is a dynamic storyteller, who has presented on repeated occasions at The Veterinary Innovation Summit, NAVC, AVMA, AHHA Connexity, University of Illinois Fall Conference and many other State Association meetings. He has been written up in JAVMA, DVM360 and contributed to articles for the Veterinary Clinician’s Brief. Dr. Smiley has also been the guest on multiple veterinary podcasts.

Pioneer in veterinary telemedicine

Dr. Smiley has a unique skill of discovering the intersection of the theoretical and the practical. He discovered how asynchronous telemedicine can be offered and monetized. Before Dr. Smiley’s understanding of the asynchronous workflow, veterinarians had to choose to either spend their time offering in-person medicine or telemedicine. Now they can do both. This has increased clinical efficiencies, work freedom and more access to veterinary care.

Passionate speaker

Dr. Smiley regularly shares his knowledge with the world with his regular speaking engagements. Headlining at numerous industry conferences and events, Dr. Smiley is regularly invited to speak to update the audience on the latest within telemedicine and the effect it is having on patients.

Relationship fuels life

Dr. Smiley is an advocate for the relationship between animals and humans. The incredibly deep psychological connection we have with our pets is one Dr. Smiley regularly speaks about.

There are many advantages of owning a pet especially when it comes to our own health. Reduced stress levels and blood pressure are just a few of the reasons owning a pet can be beneficial to our health.

It's this bond between humans and animals that Dr. Smiley cares about deeply and fuels his passion to treat any animal that needs his care and attention in the best possible way.

Meet Dr. Smiley

Watch a short introduction from Dr. Smiley himself and learn about his skills, expertise and enthusiasm for all thing virtual care. Dr. Smiley is an advocate for telemedicine and the monetisation veterinarians can benefit from while performing their day-to-day care.

Frequently asked questions

Dr. Smiley receives many questions from veterinarians and technology companies regarding his expertise in telemedicine. Dr. Smiley does his best to respond to every inquiry personally, so be sure to contact him if you have a specific question. Below are just a few of the most common questions Dr. Smiley regularly receives.

Is telemedicine an expensive investment?

Not at all, it's an incredible investment. Most of the investment comes in the form of your smartphone, which most people already have. The real investment is taking time to move your patients over to a different way of seeing you, but for the most part patients are happy to adopt telemedicine and don't require much persuading.

How do I book Aaron to speak?

If you are interested in having Aaron speak, please contact him directly via his website. He considers most speaking engagements, but please let him know what your event is about, what sort of topic you would like him to cover and how long he would have to speak.

How important are relationships in our field?

Extremely! Relationships build trust and over time that requires to more repeat business and less selling. As veterinarians, selling is not necessarily what we're trained to do, or enjoy doing! Therefore building relationships with our patients can lead to them coming back if needed and even referrals. One of the key points I make in his talks is the importance of building relationships and how we should all be spending more time doing so.

Dr. Smiley's Values

Dr. Smiley is known globally for his leading role in telemedicine and it's his recognition that has been build on his personal values. With a focus on practicality, authenticity and passion, Dr. Smiley's credentials make him a true expert in his field.


My expertise is applicable to not just veterinarians but the technology industry and of course patients.


Compassion and authenticity is at the heart of everything Dr. Smiley does, from caring for patients to pioneering the industry.


Dr. Smiley lives to care for animals and to ensure they are receiving the best care possible through adoption of technology.

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