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Veterinarians are very good at telemedicine and have offered it for over 100 years. Before the advent of the smartphone, most telemedicine was via the telephone. It was a valuable service to provide care over long distances, but was only useful for general advice and the evaluation of problems that could be recognized via audio (cough) interpretation or the accurate description of the owner.  In short, telemedicine was very limited. Now with the introduction of smartphones, everything has changed.

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Dr. Smiley’s expertise is sought by industry.  He works alongside physicians and psychiatrists at the human health company,  Using a OneHealth model, offers their clients a medical team of human and animal doctors. Dr. Smiley is the director of telemedicine at GuardianVets; as director, he helps develop technology that will make telemedicine easier for the veterinary community to utilize and improve access to care.

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Watch a short introduction from Dr. Smiley himself and learn about his skills, expertise and enthusiasm for all thing virtual care. Dr. Smiley is an advocate for telemedicine and the monetisation veterinarians can benefit from while performing their day-to-day care.

Radical Leadership

Aaron's credentials

Dr. Aaron Smiley is a small animal practitioner in central Indiana and serves on the veterinary leadership team for over 450 VetCor practices as a Chief of Staff Advisor. He is a national thought leader in the veterinary virtual care space and has expressed opinions in JAVMA, DVM360 and multiple veterinary podcasts. He most recently was asked to edit a chapter about telemedicine for Veterinary Clinics.

In 2020, Dr. Smiley was invited to be on the panel that created the AVMA/AHHA telemedicine guidelines. In 2020 Dr. Smiley was elected as the President of the Indiana Veterinary Medical Association and led the association in their creation of the 2030 vision to make Indiana the best place to practice veterinary medicine.

Kind words from others

"I know firsthand that being accessible to clients at all hours to answer questions is one of the quickest ways to convert customers into enthusiastic advocates for the practice"

Aaron Smiley Review
Dr. Smiley writes in American Veterinarian.

You were AMAZING!! I absolutely loved the presentation and I personally don't have any criticism. I thought it was super engaging and contained really useful information for everyone.

Aaron Smiley Review
Jenna Acutt - UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

His enthusiasm about veterinary medicine contagious and the concepts he teaches I believe are essential to know and practice. My time and knowledge has worth and should not be given away for free.

Garrett M

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If you are a veterinarian that can see the benefits of telemedicine and would like to setup up your own telemedicine clinic, book Dr. Smiley for consultation advice. His unrivalled advice and expertise will point your practice in the right direction from day one, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of telemedicine like so many other veterinarians.

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