Veterinary Telemedicine

Veterinary Telemedicine

Virtual care is an area of practice that uses technology to enable detailed communication between clients and veterinarians via text message, video or phone calls. With a valid VCPR, veterinarians can diagnose problems and prescribe medication remotely.

Advantages of telemedicine

Almost the entire population of America owns a smartphone and this allows us veterinarians to have access to almost every pet owner in our city, state, and even the country. This opens up enormous potential and allows us to bring our expert care to more animals.

Easy Access

Every client is going to like easy access to a professional and that's exactly what telemedicine allows.

Schedule Burden

There is a huge demand for veterinarian services right now, telemedicine immediately reduces the burden on your schedule.


Telemedicine is something you can do right now, with little effort, that will make your schedule easier to manage.


We have so much technology available that we can integrate that gives the doctor the ability assess the situation.

Work Life Balance

Veterinary medicine has gotten extremely busy, but that can be a quick path to burnout. Telemedicine can help solve this.

You're Worth It

Moving clients from free telemedicine to paid telemedicine is one small shift, but it's worth doing because you're worth it.

Meet Dr. Smiley

Watch a short introduction from Dr. Smiley himself and learn about his skills, expertise and enthusiasm for all thing virtual care. Dr. Smiley is an advocate for telemedicine and the monetisation veterinarians can benefit from while performing their day-to-day care.


The future of veterinarian care is here

As the technology adopted by the world changes, so must we. In order to keep our industry alive and attainable by all, we must adapt to the way our patients wish to use our services.

Telemedicine has the power to allow us veterinarians to treat more patients, more conveniently, while at a potentially lower cost than running a traditional practice.

Like so many industries that have gone online, telemedicine doesn't mean the end of a personal level of service, it simply means we are more accessible, more conveniently, to many more patients.

Kind words from others

"I know firsthand that being accessible to clients at all hours to answer questions is one of the quickest ways to convert customers into enthusiastic advocates for the practice"

Aaron Smiley Review
Dr. Smiley writes in American Veterinarian.

You were AMAZING!! I absolutely loved the presentation and I personally don't have any criticism. I thought it was super engaging and contained really useful information for everyone.

Aaron Smiley Review
Jenna Acutt - UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

His enthusiasm about veterinary medicine contagious and the concepts he teaches I believe are essential to know and practice. My time and knowledge has worth and should not be given away for free.

Garrett M

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