October 18, 2023

Accurate Remote Diagnosis

For animal owners seeking medical help, it is possible to take advantage of telemedicine to diagnose issues remotely. A common question for Virtual Veterinarians regarding telemedicine is “What can and cannot be diagnosed remotely?”

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According to Aaron Smiley, the defining rule here is that he needs enough accurate information to determine the appropriate medical diagnosis. 

It’s not so important how a veterinarian obtains the information as long as it’s accurate and fully encompassing.

Most pet owners do not possess the knowledge to provide accurate information. It is rare since pet owners are not experts, as they are seeking expert medical advice for their animals. However, this does not make it impossible or unsafe to seek remote animal care. 

The solution is video. You can send a video or set up a video chat with your remote veterinarian. This will allow the veterinarian to observe and obtain enough accurate information to make a diagnosis.

External issues with animals can often be diagnosed virtually. For example, fleas are easily recognizable to a trained expert through video. 

There are issues that may need examination beyond video capabilities. Video is a good place to start and will allow your veterinarian to determine if telemedicine is appropriate for your animal’s needs. If it is not sufficient, you can trust your veterinarian to direct you to the appropriate resource or facility.

The takeaway here is that your remote veterinarian needs enough accurate information to assess the issue and make an appropriate diagnosis. This will ensure a successful telemedicine experience.

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