August 17, 2023

Shedding light on the foundational pillars of focus for the VVCA.

We believe that veterinarians should be trusted to decide whether it's necessary for a given new patient to be seen in person before being treated or whether the issue can be addressed via telemedicine.

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As of August 1st, a new law in Arizona has brought about significant changes in the veterinary field. Spearheaded by the VVCA, this legislation now allows veterinarians to treat pets without the requirement of an initial in-person exam. This development has received extensive support in the Legislature, reflecting the growing recognition of the importance of expanding veterinary care options. The VVCA is also actively working in California, where a bill has been unanimously passed by the Assembly. If successful in reaching the Senate in September, this bill would grant veterinarians the discretion to establish a VCPR without a hands-on physical exam. These advancements in the legal landscape demonstrate the evolving nature of veterinary practices and the ongoing efforts to improve accessibility to quality care.

The VVCA's relentless dedication to advancing virtual care has positioned them as a leading voice in the veterinary community. Their efforts have not only resulted in tangible legislative victories but have also fostered a greater understanding and acceptance of virtual care among practitioners, pet owners, and lawmakers alike.As we embrace the future of veterinary medicine, it is crucial to recognize the importance of continued collaboration and innovation. By working together, we can ensure that pets receive the highest quality care, regardless of geographical boundaries or physical limitations.

The VVCA's groundbreaking work serves as a shining example of what can be achieved when knowledge, passion, and forward-thinking come together for the betterment of our furry companions. Change takes time, but with each step forward, we are reshaping the landscape of veterinary care. Let us celebrate these milestones and remain eager for what lies ahead in the realm of virtual care. Our pets deserve nothing less than the best, and the VVCA's efforts are paving the way towards a brighter and more accessible future for all.

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